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Everyone’s “Best Friend” Receives Their Second Chance


Everyone’s “Best Friend” Receives Their Second Chance

By Amy Lignor


It is not an overstatement to say that dogs and cats crave a home of love, friendship, loyalty and kindness – the four attributes they offer to the owner who shows them the same. The numbers for those animals that have been lost, harmed or run away, have risen every year for over a decade, with more and more shelters actually using the name “humane society” in a misleading way. These particular societies have one thing in common…the animal will be put to death in a certain number of days, depending on the State, if not adopted. In other words…these poor animals that have already lived through a nightmare may have been better off on the streets.


12109001_1636420659931540_8719365557663705994_nAccording to the ASPCA, there are over 13,500 community animal shelters nationwide that are “independent.” No national organization monitors these shelters that use the generalized terms of “humane society” or “SPCA.” The ASPCA (Humane Society of the United States) has increased peoples’ awareness when it comes to these locations in an attempt to make these facts known:


Approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters nationwide every year, with approximately 2.7 million being euthanized. (Dogs: approximately 35% are adopted, 31% are euthanized and 26% are returned to their owner. Cats: approximately 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% are returned to their owners.)


These statistics grow more frightening with each year. Everything from a State’s budget issues to simply an overcrowding of strays has been used as an excuse to explain why so many millions of animals are being euthanized. The figures are even more repulsive once finding out that industry trends show revenue will continue to rise even higher.


In this world, people care about animals. They want to find that “Best Friend” and have them for life. The animal, whether cat or dog, becomes a huge part of the family…a part that is as important as any other person on the family tree.


In comes…the second chance. For those shelters that are either struggling or simply choosing to empty their cages by ending lives before it is time for the end to appear, there are those out there who are working day and night, taking their own love and caring and absolute humanity to save lives and give these creatures a second chance at being able to enjoy life and find that perfect home.


There are so many to mention, but one such organization is called, McLovin Second Chance Rescue, located in the state of New Mexico. McLovin is also important to mention, seeing as that this shelter (located in Las Cruces, NM) saves dogs and cats all over the U.S. However, they are pulling a great many from one of the highest kill shelters in all of New Mexico, located in Roswell.


Giving love, homes, and friendship to the aged, unwanted, and injured, McLovin is the perfect representative of what it means to give a second chance. Sometimes with the knowledge that certain animals do not have long to live, McLovin still gives them a home on the basis that a moment of love is better than nothing at all.


The background of the actual name “McLovin” is a heartwarming story. It was in March of 2015 in the move to Las Cruces that the owner’s Mastiff (“McLovin”) was hit by a car and died shortly thereafter. He was the very first rescue, and in his honor these individuals fight for all the animals. And, as millions already know, that fight is highly difficult when it comes to funding. Donations are needed to give these loving animals a second chance. And there is a ‘wish list,’ posted by the shelter on their Amazon account, where people can purchase items for the dogs and cats and the order will be directly shipped to the McLovin Second Chance Shelter.


The world is still humane – a good thing to be reminded of when you see the news, the battles and the turmoil that goes on all around us each day of our lives. When it comes to our smaller family members, those best friends who need, want and deserve a life of kindness, our humanity makes even more of a difference than anyone could possibly imagine. So, remember, the term “humane society” is a generalized term. There are those out there who do create the numbers that are beyond revolting: numbers that are worse than actual wars.


SPREAD THE WORD! The $5.00 spent on that Starbucks coffee in the morning can do a dog or a cat so much good. It contributes to their health and well-being until a family, such as yours, can adopt their “Best Friend” and show them a home!


For more information, go to: https://www.facebook.com/McLovin-Second-Chance-Rescue-1633035926936680/

Source:  Baret News


Saving the Strays

Saving the Strays

 ~ Samantha Lewis

If your neighborhood is like others out there, you are in the suburbs where the sprinkler systems are going on and off, and the park is down the street for both kids and families to enjoy in the summertime. Here, you have most definitely noticed stray pets wandering around every so often. If you are in the big city, perhaps not as many strays appear, but no matter where you may be standing the problem of strays is growing…and animal shelters need your help.


shelter_volunteerIt might seem silly to hear that saving a stray animal saves the planet, but it is absolutely true. Harming dogs and cats who have been abandoned, or simply run away from home, is not the way to go about working with strays. Strays need love, they need homes, and – in some cases – need someone to help them find their way back home simply because they found a way to escape the backyard to hunt that squirrel or chase after that neighborhood cat.


Saving the planet is not all about energy, wind and solar power, helping forests, or rejuvenating a habitat – it is also about the rejuvenation of love. No, this is not a Hallmark card, this is simply a very true statement about how animals offer support, love and caring to people who need just that. Depression, anxiety, pain – all of these horrific things that happen in daily life can many times be solved by sharing and caring for a pet that returns the same, and is loyal beyond all comprehension to its owner.


Right now all across the globe there are animal shelters and organizations working to save large creatures that are going extinct. They are battling huge wars in regards to animals being hunted and killed for money, as well as black-market trade that is diminishing the animal population on earth. But domestic animals should not be forgotten during this time period.


So how do you help a stray? My own daughter found a stray wandering about the neighborhood recently; however, the lovely dog was well-fed
lost_pet_pageand did have a collar around its neck, announcing to one and all that it did have a happy home somewhere. It was an amazing experience to meet up with the owner who had literally just come home from work, saw that her best friend had somehow gotten out, and was basically terrified that she would never see her again. Being the one to reunite them is one of those special moments where you know you have changed a life.


But being careful is necessary when it comes to helping strays. Caution is a must; therefore, when you choose to save lives and help these animals, make sure to use these rules as a guideline. Always remember that a strange, possibly sick or injured animal can be unpredictable. Even with one movement, you could have the animal fleeing into a busy street out of fear. Using a carrier, leash, rope – anything in the car that could help lead the animal away from the road, would help. And make sure to always signal any approaching vehicles if already in the roadway so that the traffic can be diverted around you. USE CAUTION when it comes to this one, considering cell phone driving is the biggest cause of accidents out there.


Use a calm speaking voice as you approach the animal, and if necessary, call for backup. Your local animal shelter will most definitely help you; and, no, the animal shelter will not simply put the animal to sleep just because they’re a stray – which is a basic misconception.


In the end, be an adopter! There are animals roaming our country that need help, love and a protector – and you can be that savior! Try your best to keep the strays off the streets and give them a good home: this is a difficult time for all our creatures across the globe, so along with your other ‘green’ work, use that passion for saving the world by helping to save the animals in it.