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Ditch the Tie: It’s Dad’s Time to Fly!

Ditch the Tie: It’s Dad’s Time to Fly!

by Amy Lignor


For those of you out there in this world who are lucky enough to still be able to hug Dad each and every day, it is that time of the year again when Dad’s “special day” comes into play.

LIFESTYLE (C1)I was one of the luckiest in the world when it came to having the perfect Dad. He was also one of those amazing men who loved it when his kids “made” him something – arts and crafts wise – that he could put up on his desk and look at. He always said it made him smile. He was also the ‘best of the best’ and deserved so much more than we could ever give. I’m sure there were tons of things he wanted, yet never asked for. As far as he was concerned, his kids’ love was enough. Well…just in case you are sitting in your room right now thinking about that sports loving father you have; that hunter, that fisher, that crossword-puzzle genius or even that tech-savvy man who loves playing with all these digital toys, here are just a few fantastic picks out there that would still make the man who already has everything smile even wider.


Start with that hunter or fisher Dad. The one who loves to go out on the water or into the woods and get that “catch” of the day or bag that twelve-pointer. If these are the hobbies Dad loves, Filson offers a fly fishing rod case this year that is absolutely stunning. A heavyweight twill, brown leather case, with an interior that includes a padded separator for a rod, reels, and various accessories (and, yes, that can mean a couple of well-deserved beers). This would be a stunning thing for him to have at his side.


In addition, the outdoor man would also love the Opinel N°09 Oyster pocket knife. This is one of those luxury European items with a wood handle that not all men get to carry in their pockets, that’s for sure.


And for those Dads who love to take walks outdoors, whether hunting the elk or netting the bass, the new bottle by S’well gives Dad the perfect container to carry both cold drinks, as well as the best coffee possible along with him for whatever the day’s excursion may be.


But what about the food? He has coffee, he has a nice bag, but what about that perfect breakfast sandwich? And, no, I don’t mean the one you pick up at a fast-food chain that’s been pre-frozen for who knows how many hours. Hamilton Beach offers a great breakfast sandwich maker for your best pal and most-looked-up-to man in the world. And this is one easy item to use. Ham, egg, cheese, bacon and more – whatever he wants to throw on it, he can. For less than $25.00, Dad can eat well while relaxing on his outdoor escape.


He doesn’t like the Great Outdoors? He’s more into tech stuff, you say? Not a problem. Remember the time when headphones were huge, then all the companies out there raced to make the tinniest earbuds in the world that you could barely see? Well, headphones have gone back to the “big” leagues with HiFiMan HE400S. These he can take anywhere. Planar-magnetic drivers allow that audio to be crystal-clear, and can even plug directly into his beloved Smartphone. Will he look a bit like an eighties nerd? Sure. But who cares? Brue Springsteen never sounded better.


And the biggest tech savvy item that has its own commercials every five minutes and has reached the #1 notch on all holiday lists comes in the form of the Amazon Echo. A wireless speaker system, Dad can ask for any of his music to be played, ask to tune into the news, and even control appliances that are compatible to the Amazon Echo. Now if we could only find a way to change that voice. Lets’ face it, there are men all over the world who like being ‘butch’ and would rather hear Jack Bauer of ‘24’ introduce the news than that Barbie-like Alexa. (Mom’s would, too, by the way, but for a whole different reason.) Logitech is also one of those companies that made an Alexa compatible item for the sports-obsessed Dad. The Logitech Harmony Elite remote control allows him to control that TV with all the favorite sports games going on, as well as control the thermostat in the house, gaming, lights and more.


Lastly, for those who have a father who literally always says nothing but his children’s love is necessary to make him happy, there are very cool subscriptions you can opt for, like the Birchbox Man Subscription Box. From only $20 per month, Dad will receive products that he can test each and every month in all different areas – from tools to seasonal gifts. He’ll have a ball and even, perhaps, stumble across a brand new item never before seen that he simply can’t live without.


But no matter what “gift” you choose to give, always remember that the hug, the kiss, and the “I love you, Dad. Thank you so much for everything you do,” will always be the best and most perfect gift Dad can receive. And from one girl who had the ‘best of the best’ by her side for many years, but not nearly enough, make sure that gift is given every single day!


Original Source:  Baret News

Celebrating the Four-Legged Veteran


Celebrating the Four-Legged Veteran

by Amy Lignor


Although we give thanks for them each and every day, we have come to that time of year where the “special day” is celebrated, honoring the men and women who fight/fought for this country. But

Sgt. Charles D. Hardestybonds with his dog, Robbie

there are also those, of the four-legged variety, that play a huge role in the lives of these astounding Americans after they come home from some of the worst conditions imaginable. They not only help in the field, these K-9s are also the kind, loyal sidekicks that serve as beloved friends to the heroes when they return home.


Service medals, commendation medals, Campaign medals, many awards are given out. Years of service are given by the brave; time taken away from their loved ones as they put their lives on the line. Yet when the vets come back to the “normal” world, some find themselves in more of a nightmare than the one they just left. As an example, in Parade magazine this past week, a veteran with 25 years of service was focused upon. The soldier had done an outstanding job, standing tall and being brave for everyone here at home for so long, that it seemed right and just that she should have a good life with no war or battles from here on out. Unfortunately, the trauma she had been through brought about anxiety. The soldier found she could not even leave her own house; she had a fear of crowds and that fear and anxiety was stopping her from enjoying her family and her life.


This is not a new story, unfortunately. But there has been one amazing creature of the four-legged variety that has managed to take some of that fear and pain away. And when he/she arrives at the family’s door, this K9 literally takes care of the veteran. They know what to do, how to protect and calm and give much-needed emotional support to their charge.


K-9s For Heroes is a wonderful organization that veterans stand behind 100%. In fact, this non-profit was actually founded by veterans and animal lovers who knew how much a dog could bring to a person’s life. The mission is quite simple; it is to empower veterans and their family members suffering from mental or emotional disorders. The K9s work magic when it comes to helping veterans live independently and adjust back to “home life.” With the companionship of a professionally trained dog that the organization rescued from a shelter, these K9s are first saved from meeting their own demise, then trained and placed with each qualified person at no expense to the veteran who truly needs them in their lives.


Veterans want to help other veterans and their families, simple as that. They fought beside them, been in the same nightmares, and want to make sure that all men and women coming home can enjoy the life they lead once they’re back.


I think we can all agree that, as Americans, we owe the people who chose/choose to fight for us and our freedoms a huge debt of gratitude for their bravery. And we can never forget the sacrifices that the families of these veterans make on a daily basis, losing the one they love (hopefully just for a time) to a battle overseas. This answer helps all involved.


There are many veterans returning to their civilian lives today with physical and emotional injuries that make it nearly impossible to transition back to the world they once knew and understood. Add to that the fact that every year in the U.S. alone, 3.9 million dogs end up in shelters with 1.2 million being euthanized. Only 26% of strays are ever returned to their actual owners. With K-9s For Heroes stepping in, the dog receives a loving home for the rest of their life, while a veteran and their family receives love, companionship, stability and, most of all, the best friend that everyone is looking for.


So as you bow your head in prayer, or march in a parade and salute the soldiers this Veteran’s Day, also take a minute to look at the organization that is giving veterans the independence they need and the canines the home they deserve.


Happy Veteran’s Day. God Bless.



Source:  Baret News