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Finding a Hobby that Fits Your Personality

Finding a Hobby that Fits Your Personality

by Amy Lignor


Although there are many out there who turn to their computers or cell phones as their hobby, there are just as many others who want to be more creative. They want to learn something new and fun to do in their spare time. They’re not looking for cash, they’re looking for a way to relax and ‘get away’ from the daily grind. Of course, when it comes to choosing the right hobby, personality is everything.

considerationsSay you are the patient type, then sewing is a fantastic hobby for you. Not only could you create some beautiful clothes, but you also have a variety of other areas to choose from. If you are the visual type, then drawing is a wonderful way to sit and wile away the time while creating a stunning piece of art to hang on the wall. So what are the most up-and-coming hobbies in 2017? You may just be surprised.

No one is quite sure if it’s the popularity of the song and dance reality shows, but the number one hobby people are choosing lately is learning how to play a musical instrument. This one is definitely for the patient person – and can actually earn money if done really well and you discover you have a passion and a talent for the instrument you choose. This is also a hobby that brings along health benefits by increasing your memory capacity, increasing concentration, and teaching you perseverance.


Another hobby that dipped for a while but then rose once again when books became easy-to-get online because of the digital world, is reading. There are many excited readers out there who do everything from read new authors and give them reviews; to increasing their own intelligence by diving into everything from fiction to biographies to historical works. Reading is a passive hobby that offers you the relaxation you need from the busy day-to-day chores life has to offer.


Some people have chosen to meditate as a hobby. Each day they set aside time to sit by themselves and meditate in order to calm down, relax, and practice self-control while also reducing stress levels. By choosing this hobby, they earn a healthier lifestyle.


When it comes to increasing intelligence, there are many hobbyists that have turned to the more ‘puzzling’ world. There are so many things to choose from nowadays that keep the brain challenged and enhance the sharpness and keen ability of the mind. From Sudoku to logic riddles to board games – creativity is developed and the brain continues to get a happy, healthy workout.

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Others turn to learning a new language, which, like learning a musical instrument, is one of the more difficult hobbies to take on. However, if you are an avid traveler, learning a new language is always a great way to spend your time. Enhancing intelligence, learning new words, and getting ready to see a whole new world is what learning a language brings to the table. Not to mention, travelling is also a great hobby – although for this particular one, cash is most definitely required.


Staying on the same creative tangent, writing is also a huge hobby for many out there. There are so many different paths that can be walked in this particular arena – from writing in a personal journal on a daily basis to creating stories for your kids. You hone your focus, creativity and imagination through the hobby of writing, and it offers you time to get away from it all.


Last, but not least, is the culinary world. More and more people are learning how to cook. As their passion grows, so does their knowledge. And everyone always has some family or friends they can try this particular hobby out on – which not only makes the hobbyist happy, but the well-fed family members, too.


So if you’re looking for a hobby – a way to decrease the stress, fill in those boring moments with something fun, and feel healthier – go online now and find the hobby that fits perfectly with your personality!

increase intelligence, creativity, imagination, language, music, stress reducer, meditation, culinary arts


Source:  GIG News

Be Your Own “Elf”


Be Your Own “Elf”

By Amy Lignor


Martha Stewart is not the only one who can come up with those great ideas that help the environment while also producing something extremely holiday-‘esque’. In fact, even though toy companies are making gobs of cash off ‘Star Wars’ memorabilia right now, it is a far greater feeling when you make your very own projects and gifts for Christmas. These gifts involve family fun time, and they are also all about recycling so that next Christmas you can save even more trees.

DIY Christmas Gifts


Christmas crafts are a huge industry: just look at the gazillions of holiday bazaars, Christmas holiday tag sales, silent Christmas auctions, and you will see a plethora of ways to recycle the old by putting a brand new face on it and bringing its beauty back.


Take advent calendars. Millions of households have one hung in the kitchen. Some even have chocolates stashed behind the tiny doors you open as you count down to the night Santa will arrive. However, you can help the environment by recycling magazines and catalogs to make your own advent calendar for the house. Cutting out some of the most beautiful ads (and there are millions of them), you can use these as decorations for the small doors and make the actual tree shape out of toilet paper rolls, so that those chocolates have a place to sit!


How about this? In one hand you hold an empty bottle or can. In the other, a sock that probably lost its ‘partner’ a long time ago in the wash. What can you do with this? It’s garbage, right? An extra two items to fill up those overflowing landfills even more. But…there is a very cool Christmas gift/decoration you can make from these items. Simply by pulling the colorful sock over the bottle/can, you can then use items like buttons and construction paper to decorate and create a cute little snowman that everyone can enjoy.


Gingerbread houses are getting more and more expensive. The kits are rising in price, and when the project is over there is a whole lot of plastic, paper, packing material and more that heads right into the garbage can. But why not make one of your very own and avoid the trash? Using empty cracker or cookie boxes, covered with some cocoa to create that lovely dark brown cottage, you already have the materials on-hand to do it. And by making it yourself, it will end up being the most beautiful gingerbread house you ever had.


You know those bright metallic CD’s you have? The ones that probably sit in a desk drawer and have never even been opened? These are the CD’s that will be tossed in the garbage when spring cleaning rolls around. But what if you use that shiny metallic surface and decorate them? Or, perhaps, even use the CD as a fantastic background for a family photo. You can make awesome Christmas tree decorations that way; they will last forever and the reflection off the Christmas lights will make the house shine even brighter.


There are so many arts and crafts projects on the Internet that you and your family will have a ball doing. From crafting a really cool Christmas tree to hang on the wall from empty egg cartons, to recycling Christmas cards into stunning gift tags that can be used on next year’s Christmas presents so that even less garbage will be created – you have your choice of many. And, let’s face it, if you can actually spend time with the family, laugh with the kids, make something beautiful, AND be saving the earth all at the same time, you will experience a truly great feeling. I’m sure that’s exactly how the elves feel in Santa’s workshop. They use their skills, talents, creative imaginations and expert hands to make sure that the gifts Santa carries can be cherished, and the world can become a cleaner and healthier place to live.


Source:  Baret News