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Making Your Health “Resolute”


Making Your Health “Resolute”

by Amy Lignor


It is time for those New Year’s Resolutions to be made. We all know the ones most likely being placed on lists everywhere: stop smoking and lose weight. Why? Because these have always been the top two when it comes New Year’s Resolutions, 2017, good health, happinessto goals, so that the next time the ball drops you feel amazing that the goal was achieved. A tough fact to learn, however, is that even though more than half of Americans resolve to better their health in some way each year, less than half are still on target to achieve their goal six months later.

Enthusiasm always deadens after the “party” is over and the real world comes back into play. The holidays are wonderful times, yet the luster of it all fades. So…are there ways to keep people working towards their goal? You bet there are!

Take the weight loss resolution. That one resolution, a great many times, comes along with the feeling that there should be overnight success. It is still a reality that gaining it took a lot less time and energy than it will ever take losing it, but setting normal goals for yourself can aid in keeping your momentum and that luster shining brilliantly far more than six months into the year. Results can and will happen, yet there are so many programs, machines and equipment out there that when it comes to weight loss, sometimes the ability to pick the right advice that will actually work becomes more of a load to carry than the actual extra weight. In the end, it’s the social factor that needs to be in place in order to keep the goal you’ve set for yourself.


This is the same basic foundation when it comes to quitting smoking. You need that support of family and friends around you to not only help, listen to the frustration, etc., but also be highly supportive: going to a gym with a best friend so that they, too, can get healthier but also become a “team member” in achieving your goal is perfect. If the focus is smoking, speaking to an ex-smoker and having them on your “team” can be truly helpful. After all, they’ve already gone through it, so they are the absolute best people to help you.


Never forget how much cash you will save either. Let’s be honest, if you added up the costs of those extra snacks, pizza deliveries, etc., something a whole lot more fun could be bought for both you and your family. When it comes to smoking, the cash saved is huge. And the idea to spend cash on something that won’t necessarily lead to your early demise is most definitely another plus.


Stress is also a problem for almost everyone, and the amount of stress can become astronomical. For good health, stress must be cut. The work hours need no more extending. Exercise, nutrition, spending time with family and friends – these are all important in order to cut the stress and allow you to get a more restful sleep – which in turn causes you to do far better at work than you did when you spent way too many hours there.


My own grandfather used to tell me: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” The line was very strong and precise. But in the real world, without a restful sleep, you are more likely to develop poor health. A higher risk of obesity, as well as Type 2 diabetes and memory issues have been linked to lack of sleep.


There is also a solid, basic factor when it comes to owning good health: happiness. No rolling of the eyes on this one. Yes, work is difficult at times. Yes, the bills keep coming in and the kids need that college education. Those facts are most definitely real. However, by taking time out – even small amounts of time – and enjoying the life you’re working so hard at making, allows you to leap onto the good side of health. Thousands of studies have proven positive/happy people are less likely to deal with heart attacks or develop heart disease than those who are resting on the side of gloomy.


In every place – whether big city or small town – there are always locations where you can enjoy a walk, sit and listen to music, or simply have a good day outdoors in the sunshine with your family.


Thus, it’s time to make those 2017 Resolutions the most resolute they have ever been

Source:  Baret News

Stop Stressing When Santa’s About to Soar


Stop Stressing When Santa’s About to Soar

by Amy Lignor

You can see it in your mind’s eye right now…especially if you’re part of the 99.9% of the rest of us. New Year’s Eve will come and the dreaded “resolution” will be made. The ‘losing weight’ thing is still the most popular. A resolution that begins solid. Then, after a few minutes, a New Year’s Day feast is supplied and that goes right out the window. The next Holiday Stress, Santa, New Year's Resolutions, survival tricks, Christmas Shopping, Celebrate!in the top ten of resolutions still remains the other dreaded: ‘I will save money this year. I will get ahead.’ This resolution doesn’t go right out the window – with everyone running out for a new car, or something. What happens with this one is that it becomes more and more impossible to save in these economic times.


What you may not know is that before New Year’s hits there are ways to not come to the New Year with an empty bank account because of the stress that comes from buying presents: getting the kids what they want, the hubby that new TV, the wife that new cellphone (or vice versa). There are survival tricks when it comes to Christmas shopping, so even if you are feeling that financial weight bearing down on the shoulders, the truth is there is a way to relieve that burden.


However, you don’t have to dump the fun when it comes to holiday shopping and seeing the malls all lit up and the windows framed with Christmas lights. Creativity is just a great way to add more fun on to the holiday without burying the budget even further.


What about sending cards instead of gifts? Look, cards are creative, fun, the kids can get involved with the project and, frankly, they mean a heck of a lot more to the recipient if given from the heart.


One of the most regrettable things we can do is head into a mall or a business without a shopping list already in hand. You save so much money when it comes to not delving into those “impulse buys.” And we all do them. Why do you think every store has a load of little stocking stuffer…stuff that just happens to be right there by the register? You want a fun candy cane? Put them on your shopping list and spend $3 for a box of 12 instead of $12 for one that happens to play the Star Wars theme. After all, when the movie hits theaters December 18th, all these products (and boy are there tons of them) will drop down in price as fast as Chewie and Han maneuver that cool Millennium Falcon.


A real money saver? Wrapping paper. Think before you buy something that, literally, will be balled up and thrown out a second and a half after the gift is opened. Yes, fancy wrapping may look extra pretty under the tree, but it’s not even recycled anymore by the millions who could do just that (hint, hint). Go to the dollar store and buy the wrapping paper. Also, after the holidays, go stock up when the paper, bags, and gift tags are thrown in bins for 1/3 of the price. That way, next Christmas, you won’t even need to think about it.


But homemade gifts are the nicest of all. There is a very true story about a family who did not have enough cash to even get a tree for Christmas. Mom was extremely upset and a five-year-old little elf ran upstairs, got out her construction paper and crayons, and made a tree. It was the most beautiful tree ever stuck on a wall. The big, bright yellow star was at the top, and to this day Mom still has that tree. It is the absolute favorite tree of both mother and daughter. And now that the daughter is having her own little pride and joy, she never has to worry about buying a tree, because that one will be in the family for a good, long time to come.


Celebrate life this year. Celebrate joy, family, happiness, and the blessing you get every day from waking up breathing. The pocketbook may be empty if you go too far for the holiday shopping season, but it doesn’t have to be. And this year, make your resolution about being with family and enjoying life in 2016. That’s one resolution that should be easy, and extremely fun to keep!


Source:  Baret News