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Live Longer & Better? U.S.A. Does Not Make the List


Live Longer & Better? U.S.A. Does Not Make the List

by Amy Lignor


We are talking about wellbeing, here. Yes, ours is the country where “streets were paved with gold” and “anyone who has a dream, can make it here.” We have the open rules and laws and kindness to one another, compassion, great workplaces…oh, wait, this list is going on a bit too far now.


U.S., Health, American burnout, stress, civil rights, life priorities, YOLO, wellbeingThe U.S. takes hits for highest heart attacks and strokes. Seizures, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety that comes from not knowing or being able to care for the baby when it arrives without taking a pay cut, forfeiting pay for twelve weeks, or even being outright replaced if requesting longer. But there are other countries where family, wellbeing, and the state of both body and mind is a priority for the governments and people who dwell there.


Let’s begin with France. In their policy, which is aptly named, “right to disconnect,” the French government has banned companies that are a certain size (50 or more employees) from sending emails out on the weekends or holidays. In other words, the employees are granted that right to take the time off and shut those computers down so that families can be visited and not said ‘hi’ to on the computer. France states that this is their peoples’ definite civil right.


When it comes to America, stepping away from a computer monitor seems almost impossible. Burning out at work and causing stress – incurring both mental and physical effects – is a daily issue. Science actually shows that if people got away from the inbox they would reduce stress levels substantially, but employers are more interested in the work than staying healthy.


In the country of Sweden, not only new parents but also just “daily” parents are allowed parental days off. Swedes are given 480 days of paid parental leave to spend with their kids over the year, whereas the U.S. gives a mom and a dad a big goose-egg. Yup. Absolutely no days are offered where parents can receive pay and spend time with their child. The law is you will not lose your job if you take up to twelve weeks unpaid time off for a new baby. Once they’re born, of course, all bets are off.


You are what you eat? Well, Japan is known for having some of the healthiest diets, restaurants, and more in the world. And their people have diets that are not exactly what you would call restrictive. They are encouraged by the country to live on a nutritional high-grain, high-carb, low-fat diet, eating fish and soybean products. The foods available are many, varied and good. When you add on the fact that Japan’s people own the second-highest life expectancy rate of any other country in the world, enough said. When it comes to an American diet, the “Golden Arches” is still, after all the research, science, study and deaths incurred from high blood pressure, among one of the most popular “restaurants” favored by American citizens.


Moving forward to the Great Outdoors and having the ability to breathe in fresh air and work out in true majesty, New Zealand is the place to be. Even dubbed “the adventure capital of the world,” New Zealand and its many cities and locations are terrific for mental health and heaving off that indoor-behind-the-desk life from someone’s shoulders. When it comes to America, although outdoor enthusiasts are not rare, video games, television sets, and cell phones are the main choices of activity that all together do not help a person’s wellbeing like the Great Outdoors.


Along those same lines, South Korea – which is home to one of the most technologically savvy groups of people in the world – has found that technology has caused negative effects on hardworking people. Which is why the government made the smart move to sponsor many counseling centers with programs to help people with an internet addiction. The treatment is working and working well.


Losing sleep is normal in America. All types of stresses take that much-needed, and prescribed by doctors, eight hours of sleep out of almost everyone’s lives. But people in Spain know the power of the nap and the reality that sleep is definitely necessary to keep a brain and body healthy. Although there is no longer a government mandated “nap time,” the people of Spain don’t need one mandated. The time-honored tradition of an afternoon siesta will remain because, especially for employers, the short sleep actually boosts their workers creativity and productivity a hundred-fold. In America? That’s easy. Without our dependence on coffee, most of us wouldn’t make it through the afternoon.


In other words, countries out there know exactly the small twists and turns, rules and regulations and civil rights that should be allowed to their citizens that will make them happier and a whole lot healthier. America could most definitely take some pointers. Prioritizing happiness is something one and all should do. After all…you never know how long you have left.

U.S., Health, American burnout, stress, civil rights, life priorities, YOLO, wellbeing

Source:  Baret News

Existing Home Sales Drop 7.1% in February


Existing Home Sales Drop 7.1% in February

By Burt Carey

Sales of existing homes in the U.S. fell 7.1 percent in February, according to the National Association of Realtors.

home sales, U.S. , NAR, home buying options, market inventory, new regulationsNortheastern states saw the biggest drop in home sales, down 17.1 percent from January figures. The negative trend is worrisome for analysts who see such numbers as a sign of continuing weakness in both the global and domestic economies.

The NAR blamed a change in regulations for a similar drop in existing home sales in November 2015. While numbers appeared to rebound in December and January, the precipitous drop in February indicates that the Obama Administration’s announcements of improving unemployment rates and increased manufacturing may not be as strong as reported.

At the current pace of sales, the NAR estimates that 5.08 million homes will be sold this year. That’s the lowest estimate since November.

The NAR reported a 14.7 percent jump in existing home sales in December, putting the country on pace to see 5.46 million homes sold during the year. Just a month earlier, the NAR had reported a serious decline in November sales that had reduced the seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales to land around the 4.76 million mark.

New regulations in October were designed to help those buying homes to better understand their options for loans and to give them opportunities to find the best terms. Analysts say those changes caused a slight slowdown in November closings. But any carryover of pending sales from November was reflected in December numbers.

Sales are actually up 2.2 percent from February 2015, but are below the pace economists had expected. The NAR had forecast that the country would see 5.32 million homes sell during the year.

Market inventory, or the number of homes for sale, remains low, and the median price of those on the market increased 4.4 percent over a year ago, to $210,800. There were 1.88 million homes for sale in February, a 3.3 percent increase from January but 1.1 percent lower than February 2015. The realtor group estimates that it would take 4.4 months to sell all of the homes on the market. In strong years, a six-month inventory is considered healthy.

Source:  Baret News

TRAVEL THE United States of America & cross your fingers

TRAVEL THE United States of America & cross your fingers


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!

Well, I just spent a week flying around our country for work. Seven states in 4 days, including the state of confusion. Whenever I travel that much I really feel it helps me get back to our countries Routes, that’s R-o-u-t-e-s. It helps me appreciate all that we have to offer. That’s why when I talk to someone who says “I’m leaving for vacation to France, Italy, Germany.” I have to ask them “Have you been around the US before? a lot say NO, this leaves me dumbfounded. I mean, the Untied States of America has so many different types of terrain, people, places, you just can’t beat it. If you are searching for a made in American sticker, I recommend traveling the US. Plus, you get a history lesson. Unless you’re on your phone the whole time, taking selfies.

I know this sounds like a travel ad, but it’s not.

So here’s the deal, one of my shows for the week was in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Just in case you don’t know; that’s on the Bible Belt of America. And just so we’re clear, my 2 hour trip from Charleston to Myrtle Beach proved to me that they shouldn’t call it the Bible Belt. Maybe they should call it the bible girdle of America, it’s huge. In that 2 1/2 hours drive I saw a church ever quarter mile down that road, and ever 2 miles, a hospital. That is in case you didn’t get what you prayed for. Finally, a fast food Joint every 3 miles, that is for the young folks who think they’re immortal.

The US is a whole lot more beautiful than folks are giving it credit for these days. Oh and just for fun, every time you cross a bridge, cross your fingers, it can’t hurt.

Will Roberts
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